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No matter where you go in Toronto, it's extremely likely that you have walked by (or on) one of our previous projects.

Here is a gallery consisting of a selection of our previously completed projects, to help you get an idea of the kind of work we do.

This is the space for our more unique jobs. From aquariums, to theatres, to structural car parks. No matter the request — our professional designers, engineers and welders mean you are in great hands!

Our unique artistry and design is perfect for your business's front desk, as it is the front desk that conveys your companies values and personality to your potential clients and/or customers. As well as that, behind-the-scenes in the office, a unique and well designed workplace can help boost morale, or provide useful features to help make the most of the space you have.

No matter the type of building, a well-designed ornamental feature can really help add to the "feel" of the structure. This can not only be for fancy hotels like The Ritz, or similar brass designs in other restaurants, hotels and bars. A popular product that we provide a lot of office spaces, is the partition feature wall. They can even be moveable, and are used to create meeting spaces in an otherwise open office.

We have really made our name out there from our work with stairs, and for good reason! This is just a small example of some of the different types and styles of staircases that we have made over the years. It's not just small stairs that we do, either — we've also done the stairs going up the CIBC Square Tower, and many other high-rises.

Stairs Gallery

Ornamental Features Gallery

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Bespoke Projects

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Deloitte offices green modern angular feature stairs, made by Pengelly Iron Works
Deloitte offices green modern angular feature stairs, made by Pengelly Iron Works